McLaren has confirmed it will not be running a FRIC suspension system at this weekend's German Grand Prix following a directive from the FIA.

Last week the FIA's Charlie Whiting wrote to all of the teams to inform them of a technical directive that FRIC - Front and Rear Interconnected - systems are likely to be deemed illegal. However, the governing body had been willing to delay a ban on the systems until 2015 if all the teams unanimously agree.

It now appears such a resolution is unlikely, with McLaren not running a system at Hockenheim and able to protest against any team that does if it so wishes.

"McLaren does not currently intend to run a FRIC suspension system at the German Grand Prix," a McLaren spokesman confirmed to

While not confirming the FIA's latest correspondence with the teams, the spokesman added: "McLaren will comply with the FIA's rulings on the matter." understand Mercedes will determine in due course whether or not it will run a FRIC system.