Romain Grosjean has challenged Lotus to show him it will have a more competitive car in 2015 to help him make a decision over his future.

After a disappointing first half of the season, Grosjean has admitted he is considering his options for next season as he wants to be in a car capable of challenging for race victories. While Lotus is already turning its attention to its 2015 car, Grosjean wants progress this season too and when asked on which year he would like the team to focus he replied: "Both if we could!

"I do believe that the team now will start to look at 2015 because this year seems to be very much compromised. We are working hard but we are not going to beat Mercedes or even Red Bull from here.

"I think the idea is to switch to next year but as the regulation is not that far off, everything you find could possibly be brought to this year's car. I think there is an update this week on one of our cars which is actually something that has been found on next year's ideas. So every time we find something good in the wind tunnel or CFD it can be tried on this car and see if it helps."

And when asked if seeing positive updates coming through from the 2015 project could help him with his decision of where to race next year, Grosjean replied: "Yeah it could, it could."

However, one area Lotus could be hampered this weekend is with the loss of its FRIC suspension system, with Grosjean admitting it was one of the team's strengths.

"Let's keep our fingers crossed that it costs us less than other teams. We know some other systems are more complicated, we know some are a bit more simple; some people don't use it as much as we do, some people use it more, so it's always hard to know exactly where we are. I think we just have to go and try to see how it is."