Lewis Hamilton says he and Nico Rosberg are not playing mind games but "who can keep their head most will probably come out on top" in the title race.

Rosberg's retirement from the British Grand Prix allowed Hamilton to close the gap between the two drivers to just four points. With a two-horse race for the championship being fought by the two Mercedes drivers, Hamilton said he is only concerned about matters on the track but admitted there were psychological advantages to be gained.

"I'd like to think that it's just focused on the track really," Hamilton said. "I'm not trying to play mind games with Nico; he's a very intelligent driver. You talk about mind games but I'm not really playing mind games. Every time you go faster it naturally has an effect on the mind, so inevitably you might say something and people may interpret that as playing mind games.

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"We're obviously fierce competitors, we're going to be head-to-head hopefully for the rest of the year and who can keep their head most will probably come out on top."

With the German Grand Prix weekend seeing the majority of teams drop their Front and Rear Interconnected [FRIC] suspension systems, Hamilton said he doesn't expect it to hurt Mercedes despite the team having a sophisticated system.

"I don't think much at all. Naturally we're always looking for improvements. Not everything we put on the car ... sometimes we're making modifications and it will be half a tenth faster. Undoubtedly we may lose some time this weekend but if everyone is taking it off then everyone will lose the same pretty much. So I don't think the order should generally change much."

And Hamilton doesn't expect Mercedes to have much work to do on Friday in order to get the car working as well as possible without FRIC.

"It's going to be a new experience I guess for several different people. We tried it already in Silverstone and the car felt very much the same, but naturally I think everyone has to adapt the set-up a little bit to utilise different settings. But I feel like with the simulator and all the simulations settings we should have a good starting point and we'll go through the same processes tomorrow as we do every race weekend."