Valtteri Bottas says Williams' aim needs to be ensuring at has the second-quickest car on a consistent basis this season.

After locking out the front row and finishing third and fourth behind the two Mercedes in Austria, Williams continued to show impressive pace as Bottas took second place from 14th on the grid at Silverstone. Having been third and second in those two races, Bottas was asked if he could complete the sequence by winning in Germany but believes Mercedes will remain out of reach.

"Approaching the weekend and being realistic it's very difficult to fight for the win," Bottas said. "Mercedes is still quite a bit ahead; even though we don't know what's going to happen with the FRIC they're still going to be ahead. So our aim is to try and move up in the constructors' and I think we need to be aiming to beat Red Bull and Ferrari.

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"We have seem in some races and on some tracks that we have the second-quickest car, so we need to aim to be consistently there this season."

Having previously earmarked the removal of FRIC systems as a potential positive for Williams, Bottas was keen to stress that it was purely guesswork on the team's part.

"It's difficult to say really. You never know exactly how developed the systems of the others are and they're quite complicated systems. Our guess is that some of the big teams have more developed systems than us, so that would suggest that for us there will be less penalty than some others but it's difficult to say in terms of lap time."