Adrian Sutil says problems with the stability of his Sauber makes the car "a little diva to control".

Sauber has yet to score a point so far this season and finds itself behind Marussia in the constructors' championship having been hampered by an overweight car in the early races. While the chassis has been lightened, Sutil says the car is difficult to handle which makes it tough to try and find a consistent balance.

"The window is very small where the car operates and also the window when you are close to the limit, whether it stays on the line or is completely off - it's easy to make a mistake with this car," Sutil said. "So you need to have a lot of confidence in the car, you need to drive and learn as much as possible about the car behaviour to feel well. It's getting better every race. But yeah, it's a little diva to control.

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"It's just a situation like that so we try to make it more easy to drive. The stability is sometimes there, [then] you have a bit too much understeer in the other areas, so you are shifting the problem from one end to the other but it's very difficult to get rid of the problem completely so this is where we are struggling most at the moment."

Another area Sutil says Sauber has trouble is with the Pirelli tyres, but is convinced the team has the resources to turn its season around.

"We are still struggling sometimes with the tyres, especially with the hard compound, in the race, which slowed us down a lot. I can't really say more. Of course we want to try to improve the situation. It's not where we want to be but everyone in the factory is trying the maximum to improve that. It's not an easy situation but we're going to get out of it pretty soon."