Valtteri Bottas believes qualifying for the German Grand Prix is "going to be a bit tighter than what you expect" after a tough FP2 session.

With Susie Wolff driving his car in the morning session, Bottas only had the afternoon to get comfortable and work on car set-up. Having admitted that he struggled to get the car as he wants it during FP2, Bottas said he believes Williams can recover on Saturday and expects qualifying to be close between a number of teams.

"We're hoping to get there," Bottas said. "It's always difficult to say from Friday exactly where you are, so I think we still need to see tomorrow. The only thing we can do now is work really hard and try to improve the car and myself try to find lap time and then we'll see tomorrow. But I think it's going to be a bit tighter than what you expect it to be."

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Explaining how his session went, Bottas said he was working on getting the correct set-up to look after the rear tyres in case of continuing hot conditions on Sunday.

"We did some mechanical changes to the car. The car set-up mechanically didn't feel so good, I wasn't really happy with the balance so we made some changes. We improved it but we still have some changes to make with the car. We are struggling quite a bit with understeer and also on the long run with rear tyre wear we need to do something because it's going to be quite critical here if it's going to be dry in the race."

And Bottas admitted he felt that at least some aspect of his struggles with the balance related to the lack of FRIC suspension on the car.

"There is some element of that but also this track is very different to many others. Different types of corners with all the banking, for example the second corner in the stadium section; it's tricky to get the balance right there."