Sebastian Vettel said a Red Bull upgrade for the German Grand Prix weekend has not proven as effective as expected.

Although Daniel Ricciardo looked able to challenge the two Mercedes cars following FP2 on Friday, neither Red Bull could get within 0.7s of Nico Rosberg's pole position time on Saturday. Both Ricciardo and Vettel were also outqualified by the two Williams cars and Kevin Magnussen's McLaren, and when asked about how much of a step forward the new parts had given Red Bull, Vettel replied: "I don't think as much as we were hoping for.

"We had an update on the car but it didn't bring us as much as it was supposed to.

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"It was generally better than this morning so I was fairly happy, on the last run we just didn't seem to be able to go with the track. I didn't get a smooth lap and didn't improve."

Vettel also admitted he had been surprised by the pace of the two Williams cars as Valtteri Bottas ended up just 0.2s away from pole position.

"To be honest I think Williams didn't look as competitive yesterday so they made a big step today which was a bit of a surprise. But then again in the last couple of races they have been very strong so I think they will be very strong as well tomorrow. Generally on race pace we look a little bit better than maybe in raw qualifying pace."

Asked if Red Bull can beat Williams in the race, Vettel replied: "We'll try.

"I think in terms of race pace we should be closer but in the last couple of races they have been very strong. Even if they have bad Fridays; I don't know, maybe they run a completely different spec on Friday compared to the rest of the weekend which could well be the case. I expect them to be strong tomorrow but we might be a bit closer in terms of race pace than qualifying."