Kevin Magnussen praised his McLaren team after he qualified fourth ahead of the German Grand Prix.

While team-mate Jenson Button struggled and failed to get out of Q2, Magnussen progressed in to the final part of qualifying and managed to beat both Red Bull cars to take a second-row grid slot. While pleased with his own performance within the car, Magnussen was keen to highlight the work McLaren had done to allow him to deliver.

"It was a good lap, we got everything out of the car in terms of set-up and strategy in the qualifying," Magnussen said. "So a really good job from the guys in my garage for managing that so I'm pretty happy.

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"It's just hard work. It's not the best car out there but the guys and me, I think we got the best out of it this time so it's a good job from them."

And Magnussen said the way the car is developing gives him confidence that he will be able to produce similar results in future.

"Today it felt very good. I really was able to push and really drive it like a go-kart. It felt very, very good. It has felt good before, but today it just felt very good. Obviously I think the new bits on the car have worked and we got the most out of it. I'm very happy with the way the car feels to keep going in this direction."

While Magnussen was cautious about making any predictions for the race, he said he hopes to be able to maximise the car's potential.

"It's tricky. It could be a lot different in terms of the weather tomorrow. I don't know [if cooler weather is better] as it hasn't been cool all weekend. So it's not really easy to know, but I'm positive. It's not a bad position to start from and at least that's good. So no matter what - if we have the pace or not - at least we start fourth and we can hopefully have a clean race from there."