Felipe Massa blamed Kevin Magnussen for their first corner collision in the German Grand Prix, saying he was "too aggressive".

Heading in to Turn 1 at the start of the race, Magnussen had made a strong start and was on the inside of both Valtteri Bottas and Massa. With Massa yielding to Bottas, he and Magnussen then came together in a collision which launched the Williams in to the air and left it sliding upside-down in the run-off area.

Explaining the incident, Massa made clear that he felt Magnussen was to blame as he had hit the rear of his car.

"From my point of view I had a good start so I just put my car on the outside of Valtteri because he had a little bit more wheelspin than me," Massa said. "Then when we got to the first corner I was on the outside and I thought maybe it's a little better to back off a little bit and let him go and go behind him because I'm not going to fight at the first corner with a car in the same team, especially knowing how important the result at the end is.

"Then I just backed off a little bit, I turned and when I turned I started to do the corner and suddenly another car hit me on my tyres and just flipped me over. Honestly, for me it was very strange because I didn't know there was a car there. We were in front so definitely Magnussen should know that there was two cars there. So it is already a corner where you can't do three cars in the same corner. You can't, it's a very tight corner..."

Asked if he saw it as more than a racing incident, Massa replied: "For me he was too aggressive.

"He even tried to brake but he tried to brake when he touched me. Then when he saw he was going to touch he braked and even because he braked it was a problem, because I was already on the gas, he braked, so I jumped because he braked."

And asked if he expected Magnussen to get a penalty, Massa added that he felt it was a problem with young drivers causing incidents.

"I don't know [if I expected a penalty]. For sure the only thing I expected is that for sure this is not the first time he was in an accident on the first lap. Most of the time these young drivers they want to win the race at the first corner. If you take most of the accidents that happen they happen always with them."


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