Kimi Raikkonen said damage sustained from being sandwiched between two cars on two separate occasions cost him a chance of points in the German Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton passed Raikkonen down the inside in to the Turn 6 hairpin but hit the Ferrari's front wing - breaking Raikkonen's endplate - as he was blocked in by Daniel Ricciardo on the other side. Later in the race the same situation arose but with Sebastian Vettel on the inside and team-mate Fernando Alonso on the outside, and Raikkonen said the damage sustained on both occasions affected his pace.

"I got twice hit and ended up in a bit between two cars," Raikkonen said. "It damaged my front wing and my endplate came off, so that didn't help and I grained the front left. The tyres were okay apart from the front left always. We could have ran as long as we wanted on the super-soft but we lost performance with the damage on the car.

"Without the damage we definitely should have scored points and been stronger. We lost a lot of downforce with the damage so it was not easy and things are not going to plan. Something always goes wrong. That's what keeps happening and hopefully it will stop at some point.

"At least the car felt better here and more to my liking. We had a bad run in Q2 yesterday and when I was in the race the car felt good on new tyres but the front left just didn't last. The good thing is it feels more like it should and even if the results are not where they should be it is a positive thing."

However, Raikkonen did not overly blame either Hamilton or Vettel for the incidents as he appreciated how tight it got with three cars in a line.

"When I'm in the middle I cannot go anywhere and unfortunately I ended up squeezed a little bit. It wasn't much, but enough to damage the front wing. I couldn't go more left because there was a car and both times it was more or less exactly the same thing. Maybe a bit more with Vettel, but what can I do? I was just there and could not go anywhere else. These things happen, but it didn't help and it was a real shame but that's how it goes.

"I think the first one, Hamilton moved a little bit and locked a wheel with his left front and that just pushes you left. There's not much he could do. With Vettel, I haven't seen these things [on TV], but it felt like he tried to come a bit left and did not notice that there was one car next to me. Obviously we got very close, but it's just one of those things."


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