Jenson Button has criticised Lewis Hamilton's assertion that he thought he was being allowed past during the German Grand Prix after the pair made contact at the hairpin.

Hamilton lost a chunk of his front-wing as he moved up the inside of former team-mate Button whilst they were dicing for sixth place on lap 30.

The Mercedes driver later apologised for his 'bad judgement' during the press conference, claiming he believed Button was 'opening the door' for him to go through.

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However, Button laughed off the suggestion he would be willing to allow a rival past him, pointing out that his choice of wide line at that bend isn't unusual and that he wasn't the only driver to have contact with Hamilton during the race.

"Why would we let anyone through? A lot of drivers do that line to get a good exit from the corner. The problem with Lewis is he expected me to let him past, but I don't think I am the only person he drove into. Strange, when the car is so much quicker, you wouldn't have thought he would get into such fights, but there you go.

"When I felt the hit at the rear I was quite surprised. We pitted very soon after that, I don't know if it was for a slow puncture or if it was our strategy anyway."

Going on to finish in eighth position, with team-mate Kevin Magnussen battling through to ninth place following his turn one clash with Felipe Massa, Button was disappointed with the outcome having shown solid pace all weekend, adding that he felt he came in too early for his second stop.

"I wouldn't say it was good points! We expected more today. We pitted early on the second stop and it made it difficult at the end of the race. The tyres had to do 37 laps at the end, so it didn't work out which is a shame."