Christian Horner believes the Hungarian Grand Prix will be "a good opportunity" for Red Bull to attack Mercedes.

While Mercedes has been dominant so far this year, Red Bull's deficit to the championship leaders has been almost completely down to the power unit. As a result, Daniel Ricciardo was able to push Lewis Hamilton very close for second place in Monaco, and with Hungary being a tight track made up of short straights Horner is hopeful of another challenge from Red Bull.

"Hungary is a good opportunity for us," Horner said. "Singapore not too far away... So it will be interesting to see how the car performs in Hungary. Of course Mercedes is in a great position but hopefully we can be a little bit closer even there."

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However, Horner concedes that Red Bull is unlikely to be able to make big strides in order to close the gap to Mercedes over the summer break.

"I think it is difficult because the chassis, we can see is very strong in the first sector here [in Germany] and the third sector here, we were right there - the damage was in the middle sector. We had a very small improvement with the fuel this weekend but we need a bigger step, and that is what we are desperate for."

And Horner admitted the improvement from the fuel and from Renault had not been to the level that could make a notable difference.

"We were hoping for more. We had a very small step, but we have got to keep working with it. The changes in management there are much more positive, they are much more involved, they are embracing the fact that there is an issue and looking to make changes to make sure we start to close that gap to Mercedes. Of course it will take a little bit of time but the right attitude is there now to start to make that progress."