Felipe Massa wants to speak to the FIA about its stewarding after being investigated for the first corner accident at the German Grand Prix.

Massa and Kevin Magnussen collided at Turn 1, with the Williams being flipped upside-down after being hit on the right rear. While Massa was unhappy with Magnussen over the incident saying he had been "too aggressive", the stewards investigated whether Massa had caused the collision. With Massa maintaining his opinion in Hungary he said he had been surprised by the stewards' decision to investigate - and ultimately clear - him.

"So you see there is a lot to improve even in the FIA," Massa said. "If the stewards are thinking like that I don't know who they are taking to be stewards to be honest."

When asked if he felt he needs to speak to them about the incident, Massa replied: "Yeah.

"But anyway, I don't think we need to go to the past and live in the past. We need to live the future and we need to live the present. We need to concentrate to do a good job here. That's all I care about. To be honest, what is in the past will not change so we just need to concentrate now."

And Massa said he is keen to put the incident behind him, saying that nothing can be gained from dwelling on it.

"Now I understand also that you need to drive not only for yourself but you need to think about what the others will do as well. I will not live [in the past] and keep what's happened in the last race inside my brain. You will not learn anything with that."


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