Kevin Magnussen has dismissed Felipe Massa's assertion that he was to blame for the first turn accident at Hockenheim, pointing out that he was not at fault in the eyes of the stewards.

Massa came off worst in the clash between the two drivers at the start of the German Grand Prix, his Williams tipped into a roll after the pair made contact on the apex of the tightening first turn.

Branding the rookie McLaren-Mercedes driver as 'aggressive' at the time, Massa was remaining firm in blame for Magnussen ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, declaring his frustration at the revelation that it was in fact himself who was investigated by the FIA for being at fault.

Magnussen, on the other hand, was refusing to be drawn into a 'war of words' with the Brazilian, coolly shrugging off Massa's comments and saying he will leave the judgements up to the stewards.

"It was good that no-one got hurt," he said. "It looked bad so the important thing is that he is alright and whoever's fault it was is not something I get into. It is up to the stewards to judge - he was reported to the stewards and I wasn't, so from their point of view I didn't do anything wrong.

"I am not sure I would have done anything different. You always learn from these things whether it is your fault or not, it is still experience."

Asked whether he will be approaching Massa to discuss the incident and the subsequent comments, Magnussen says he is simply focused on the races ahead.

"I think it is done. We are in Hungary, not Germany anymore."


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