Nico Rosberg says it is "a fine line" for him and Lewis Hamilton to fight for the title but still drive with Mercedes as the priority.

Mercedes has won nine of the ten races so far this season, with Hamilton taking five wins to Rosberg's four heading in to the Hungarian Grand Prix. With the gap between the two drivers just 14 points past the halfway mark in the season, Rosberg admitted it will become increasingly more tough to balance racing for the team with beating his team-mate.

"Internally ... we need to find the balance also because in the first instance we're racing for Mercedes, representing Mercedes and want to do a good job for them," Rosberg said. "We're also representing the thousand plus people - my colleagues - at the factory who have families who depend on us. So we need to work as a team but there comes a point where you want to beat the other guy. It's a fine line..."

However, asked if he saw the dynamic between himself and Hamilton changing once the constructors' championship is wrapped up, Rosberg replied: "Hopefully not because then we'll be taking each other out if we change it anymore! So hopefully not. I don't think so."

While Rosberg believes a strong result before the mid-season break would be beneficial, he's not putting too much emphasis on it.

"Better to finish on a high than on a low but I'm not thinking about it in that sense. I'm just thinking that it's the Hungarian Grand Prix, I'm just here to extend my championship lead. That's the goal and it ends there, there's nothing else beyond that."

Rosberg concedes Red Bull could be more of a threat in Hungary, but is hoping it just replaces Williams as the closest challenger rather than providing an added rival.

"I've thought about it and possibly a little bit, yeah, not sure. But hopefully rather than closer they just kind of switch with another competitor and they're the ones that chase us. Maybe, it's difficult to say."


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