Christian Horner has expressed his anger at F1 focusing on "the negatives" within the sport and not helping promote itself.

With the Russian Grand Prix already the centre of much speculation due to the unrest between Russia and Ukraine, it was confirmed on Friday that F1 would be racing in Azerbaijan as of 2016. During an FIA press conference featuring a number of team principals, following questions on the poor turnout at Hockenheim as well as topics of Russia and Azerbaijan, Horner said: "This is becoming a very depressing press conference as we're only focusing on the negativities.

"Look, there's a calendar that comes out in October or November. We all have a choice whether we enter the World Championship or not. All the people sitting here are racers and they're here because they're passionate about the sport and they want to compete. When we sign up for that championship, we put our faith and trust in the promoter and the FIA and we will attend those races unless they deem it unnecessary for us to be there.

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"All of [the media] will be at those races, or the vast majority of you will be at those races and why? Because you're either passionate about the sport or because you earn a living out of covering the sport and I think it's wrong to make Formula One a political statement or subject when we are a sport.

"We should be talking about the drivers in these conferences, we should be talking about the spectacular racing that happened between our drivers and [Mattiacci's] driver at the last Grand Prix. We should be talking about what a great race it was for Lewis Hamilton to come through the grid, yet all we do is focus on the negatives and it has to be said, it gets pretty boring for us to sit up here and field these questions.

"So how about asking some questions about what's going to happen in the race on Sunday, what's going to happen in qualifying, because if you've got these questions, please point them at Mr [Jean] Todt or Mr [Bernie] Ecclestone rather than the teams."


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Horner is wrong.
F1 ceased to be a sport a very long time ago.
It has degenerated into nothing other than a very cynical business designed to fleece the paying fan to the maximum extent possible.
Where very dubious 'new money' billionaires with extremely dodgy backgrounds 'buy' events as a status symbol even though virtually nobody comes.
Where ridiculous 'environment saving' technologies such as hybrid and energy recovery systems are employed to save fuel (& the planet) when five jumbo jets shuttle the whole circus repeatedly around the world.
CH - you reap what you sow.