Daniel Ricciardo said it was important for Red Bull to get in to position to take advantage of potential problems for Mercedes in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel will start from second place behind Nico Rosberg and Ricciardo from fourth as Lewis Hamilton failed to set a time due to a fuel leak. With Mercedes having had reliability concerns in each of the last four races, Ricciardo said Red Bull is well placed to capitalise if Rosberg hits trouble on Sunday.

"In terms of forcing them in to problems I think that's just going to happen," Ricciardo said. "If it happens naturally it will. But it's important for us to be there as we were in Canada and as Seb is today; second and he's right there if something happens.

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"So it's important for us to capitalise if we can. It was pretty surprising what happened with Lewis. I think it was on his out lap so very early in the session, whether that's a concern for Nico tomorrow I'm not sure. Obviously you always want to be as far up as you can and if something happens it happens."

However, Ricciardo himself will need to jump Valtteri Bottas' Williams and says the start of the race will be crucial in trying to do so.

"We should be better off [than Williams] round here. I believe we've got more downforce so it should be a bit easier to handle the tyres. Unfortunately one of them is just in front of me on the grid so it's really going to be crucial I think to get him off the start. Unfortunately their starts are pretty rapid and ours are generally not as good but I'll go in to tomorrow confident that we can jump him and I think from then on we should have a good race."

And Ricciardo revealed that his own session was slightly hampered by a rear wing issue.

"I think we definitely made a big improvement compared to yesterday. Got out there in P3 and we actually went to the top of the timesheets for a little while which was pleasant to see. We definitely solved the issues that we had yesterday and I think we were back to a competitive pace; Seb was nearly a second quicker than me yesterday and we got back on pace with him.

"Q1 and Q2 was looking alright - I think we were pretty much matching each other - and then Q3 was tricky. Once the rain came down I just struggled a little bit to get the tyres back in to a good working range for that one timed lap.

"We lost a little bit of the rear wing as well, the boys just showed me a piece that fell off during Q3 as well which didn't help our efforts. But anyway, that was pretty much the story today. Better than yesterday but obviously was hoping for a front row after we saw Lewis make an early exit."