Kimi Raikkonen says he asked Ferrari 'a few times' whether he should return to the circuit to avoid being eliminated in the first phase of qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Finn visibly frustrated with the team's strategic error.

The former world champion was left floundering in the drop zone during Q1 after a fast final lap by Jules Bianchi in the Marussia bumped him down to 17th and out of contention.

Paying the price for staying in the pit-lane as the circuit evolved, Raikkonen was under no illusions as to whom was at fault for the mistake, declaring Ferrari must 'change and improve' to avoid a repeat.

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"The plan was to go out, but the team said 'no, you are fine, you do not need to go out. I questioned it a few times, but they said no need, and we can see the end result. It's not good for me or the team.

"A mistake has been made. It's already been a difficult year, so I don't see the point to shout. The mistake is done. I've made mistakes in the past, I will make them in the future. People make mistakes, but there are things we have to change to improve.

"As a team in Formula One, as Ferrari, we should not be doing these kind of things. None of us are in our first year.

Asked whether he should have gone with his gut-feeling and overruled the decision of the team, Raikkonen maintains it is important he trusts the team.

"I trust in the team, believe in the people, he continued. "I questioned it, but I cannot always go against advice. We are here as a team, we make decision as a team, and today the outcome was this.

"Obviously we have to improve, to do things differently. We can see there are weaknesses in the system. That's how it goes."