Fernando Alonso says he doesn't take any hope from Mercedes' recent reliability issues because Ferrari's performance deficit is so great.

Lewis Hamilton failed to set a time during qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix as a fuel leak caused a fire at the rear of the car, meaning he will start the race from the pit lane. With that failure coming after retirements in Canada and Silverstone, as well as a brake failure for Hamilton in qualifying at Hockenheim, Alonso was asked if Ferrari saw it as a weak point for Mercedes but said he wasn't concerned by the championship leaders' plight.

"Obviously this is a coincidence that at the last couple of races Mercedes has some problems," Alonso said. "It's not our war at the moment, we are not competing against Mercedes this year unfortunately. Our targets are a little bit lower and the second place in the constructors' championship or even the third place is a more realistic target.

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"For that, Mercedes does not change too much our race situation. We see tomorrow if [Hamilton] can come back in podium positions. In Germany he started 20th and he could have finished second with a normal race and at the back we will see if he can get a podium or not. That will be interesting for you to see and we will see if we meet him during the race. We will, but when, we will see."

And Alonso said the focus would be on trying to beat Williams and Red Bull in the race, hoping that Kimi Raikkonen could climb through the field after dropping out in Q1.

"We need to score points for the team, recover this third position in the constructors' championship if we can. We lost it with Williams in the last race and tomorrow we have one Williams in front and one behind. I have to try to finish in front of both if possible and I'm sure with Kimi also we will try to the best we can and finish in the points.

"If it's wet that could also help because even if you start at the back, if you make the right tyre choice when it's damp and you put the dry tyres one lap early you can gain 20 seconds. It opens opportunities to gain some places and put both Ferraris in the points - and hopefully in front of both Williams - then that third place, we should get it back.

"With Red Bull it is more difficult because they are 60 or 70 points ahead, they are strong here, but we need to keep scoring points because at other circuits - Spa or Monza or wherever they can struggle a bit more and we can get an advantage there. There is a long way in the championship and tomorrow is the first opportunity to recover some points."