Paddy Lowe and Toto Wolff have expressed their upset and frustration at seeing Lewis Hamilton suffer more technical woes in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, the title contender consigned to the back of the grid for the second race in succession.

Following his brake failure initiated crash in qualifying for the German Grand Prix, Hamilton suffered more issues in Hungary when a fuel leak caused his Mercedes to catch fire before he had set a competitive lap time.

Causing significant damage to his car and leaving him at the back of the grid once more, the problem comes at a time when Mercedes' reliability is being brought increasingly into focus following issues for Rosberg at Silverstone and both drivers in Montreal.

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With Hamilton understandably upset to be forced onto the back foot again at a pivotal moment in his title battle with pole-sitting team-mate Nico Rosberg, executive director (technical) Lowe insists Mercedes will do its utmost to prevent a repeat in the future.

"I am absolutely gutted that we have let Lewis down again and given him such a tough job on another Sunday afternoon - so soon after his fantastic drive in Germany. We are still stripping the car to understand the cause of the fuel leak but the symptom was a loss of high pressure fuel to the direct injection system of the internal combustion engine.

"This fuel leak then caused a major conflagration which is likely to have written off most of the car. We will obviously be doing our very best to give Lewis the car and the strategy necessary to make the best possible recovery in the race tomorrow."

Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff was similarly apologetic to Hamilton, but is confident he can still recover to a strong result as he did in Germany.

"I was devastated for Lewis," he said. "The team has been working so hard to deliver the best possible car for both drivers so it is upsetting to see him suffer another problem in qualifying. A Mercedes in flames is not what we want to show the world - but just as importantly, it's not the standard we set for ourselves in the team.

"I apologise to Lewis and to all his supporters for this problem which has given him another mountain to climb tomorrow. But we know that if anybody can do it, Lewis can. We will be burning the midnight oil to give him the best possible car and strategy for the race."