Lewis Hamilton says he believes the usual rules within Mercedes "didn't apply" during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

While Mercedes has said its drivers are free to race, the team asked Hamilton to move over for team-mate Nico Rosberg to attempt to help Rosberg's strategy. However, Hamilton didn't give up the position and eventually finished the race ahead of the championship leader. While he says he has been pleased with Mercedes' approach so far this season Hamilton believes it wasn't the right time to use team orders.

"The team have managed it really well," Hamilton said. "Whatever the rules were didn't apply [on Sunday] I don't think. It applies in other races perhaps. I remember we had a race last year, maybe at the Nurburgring and Nico was going backwards, I'd had a worse race but I was coming through and had the potential to score more points for the team.

"But [in Hungary] that wasn't really the case, we were both in the fight and it's the championship at stake. So I'm grateful that I held on to those valuable points."

And Hamilton doesn't believe the situation within the team and between himself and Rosberg will be affected by his decision.

"I don't think it changes the situation going forward. I'm sure we'll go through it and explain and discuss and try to understand it and move forwards really. At the time I was trying to weigh up, because I was third I think and I was thinking 'I'm in this race, I don't understand why I have to let him past'.

"I was thinking maybe if I was eighth and he was fighting for first then maybe but that wasn't the case. So it's hard to understand, but I'm sure the team did it for the right reasons."

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Irrespective of whether orders should have been sent out or not, and whether or not Hamilton should have followed them, he has now laid down the rules for the second half of the season. If the situation is reversed, no doubt Rosberg will sail by the pits with one finger stuck up in the breeze. Roll on more of the same.