Nico Rosberg says the battle between himself and Lewis Hamilton is going to remain "intense" for the rest of the season.

Hamilton and Rosberg have been the centre of a team orders row after Hamilton declined to move over for his team-mate during the Hungarian Grand Prix and went on to finish ahead of the championship leader. While Rosberg wants to deal with that matter internally, he says the fight between the two of them will always be as tough as it has been so far due to the nature of Mercedes' dominance.

"It's going to remain intense, definitely, but that's natural because it's both of us going for race wins every race," Rosberg said. "And that it's going to be intense is clear, and it will remain so until the end of the year, I hope to all your happiness and excitement."

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And Rosberg said he hopes to be able to quickly get over the disappointment of Hungary and start enjoying being in the championship lead during the mid-season break.

"I'm not so excited about going into the summer break, as we speak. Hopefully I will be excited, but it's going to take some time. The thing I'm most gutted about was the last lap because that was in my control.

"There was a small opportunity. I was so close, if there had been 30 centimetres more then he couldn't have pushed me wide. That's what I'm gutted about, but it just wasn't enough, and that's it. It was so close, and that's what bothers me."