Lewis Hamilton says the issues he has had during the last two grands prix have been "very, very difficult to swallow" but takes pride in his recovery drives.

Having crashed out of Q1 in Germany with brake failure and failed to set a time in qualifying in Hungary due to a fuel leak, Hamilton has started the last two races from 20th on the grid and the pit lane respectively. With team-mate and championship rival Nico Rosberg on pole position both times, Hamilton admits he has found the last two weekends very tough.

"I can't express to you the pain that you feel when you have issues such as the issues that I've had in the last couple of races," Hamilton said. "It's very, very difficult to swallow, and, to come back the next day and get the right balance between not attacking too much, and not making mistakes, all these different things."

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However, Hamilton has recovered on both occasions to lose just seven points in total to Rosberg over the two races and - after beating his team-mate in Hungary - says he takes more satisfaction from those kind of drives than winning comfortably.

"So many things that... obviously when you're at the back you're having to push way past the limit than perhaps you would off pole position or in the top five. So the fact that I'm managed to come back through obviously is a showing of just how great this car is and how great this team is.

"But ultimately we've worked, I've worked hard for it so it feels probably better than perhaps a win, gliding from the lead. It feels definitely much more satisfying when you come back through. And, as I said, to be ahead and to win the fight is really encouraging."


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My goodness, some of you folk really are beyond pathetic.
Whatever your feelings about Hamilton as a person, he is undoubtedly (together with Alonso) one of the few true racers on the grid.
The point that he has suffered repeated issues in qualifying that are not his fault yet despite that has driven through the field to even beat his team-mate in Hungary shows his ability and determination.
Some of his recent comments are clearly designed to shake his side of the garage up to improve reliability (entirely justified) and to prevent a repeat of the crazy 'move over' team orders (again fully justified).