Toto Wolff says Mercedes is "comfortable" with Lewis Hamilton's decision to not allow Nico Rosberg to pass in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Mercedes asked Hamilton to let Rosberg through as his team-mate still had one more pit stop to make, but Hamilton never moved over as both drivers were in with a chance of victory. Reflecting on the race weekend Wolff admitted to the official Mercedes website that Rosberg never really got close enough to Hamilton to be allowed through anyway.

"When the Safety Car came out, we chose to split the strategies, and offset ourselves to the cars ahead, in order to create opportunities to win, or worst case finish on the podium," Wolff said. "When we did so, Nico was running two positions in front of Lewis. We put Nico onto an aggressive three-stopper and Lewis onto a two-stop, with a long final stint on the prime tyre.

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"That meant they would find each other on track at some point - and we would have a situation to manage. Lewis was asked to let Nico pass because we believed they both still had a chance to win the race as the strategies played out. But Nico never got close enough to Lewis to make the move - and we were ultimately comfortable with the decision Lewis made to hold position."

And Wolff said the decision to use team orders was made with the aim of both drivers being able to fight for victory in the closing laps.

"As a racing team, our mission is to win championships and to win races. We thought both of our drivers had a chance to fight for the race win - not just for a podium finish - so we acted accordingly.

"When it comes to drivers in the same team running alternative strategies, it is usual for them not to make life hard for each other when it comes to overtaking. But we must appreciate that we are not in a usual situation anymore."