Kimi Raikkonen says there is "an awful long way to go" for Ferrari to get in to a position to challenge for race victories.

Fernando Alonso came close to winning Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix, finishing second to Daniel Ricciardo having led for the majority of the final stint. With Raikkonen climbing from 16th to sixth it was a strong performance from Ferrari at the Hungaroring, but Raikkonen said the performance will not mask the hard work Ferrari still has ahead of it to challenge on a more consistent basis.

"It's still disappointing," Raikkonen said. "It's been a hard first part of the year so it's welcome to get some points and a bit better result but it doesn't change the fact of what happened until this point. One good race; we could have scored much better results in some of the races but something always happened. Yes I'm happy for it but it's disappointing overall how things went and we have to make sure that we don't make those things [again].

"Obviously there are some signs of improvements and for sure the car is a lot better than it was at the beginning of the year but then that's normal, that's why we're here. We have to make big steps for next year and keep improving things.

"I know that we have good plans and I believe in the people at the factory and the team [at the track] but obviously we have to go step-by-step to improve the issues that we have and hopefully put things in the right order to be happy with the car all the time. That will allow us and me to be where I feel we should be and try to win races."

And Raikkonen said he has no concerns over his personal form, with Hungary showing he can deliver if the car is more to his liking.

"I know that I didn't suddenly lose speed from last year so it's been disappointing to fight against the problems and issues knowing that even when you have a bit better races you have to fight through the weekend with the car all the time, every session and every corner.

"So I know there is a lot of things we can improve on and if we get the feeling where we should be it's going to be so much easier. But it's not easy to make changes, it just takes time. We are going in the right direction for sure, but it's still an awful long way to go to where we should be as a team, as Ferrari."