Pirelli is working on 19-inch tyres for F1 in the future rather than 18-inch, motorsport director, Paul Hembery has revealed.

Pirelli tested its 18-inch concept tyres at Silverstone last month, following the British Grand Prix, with Lotus test and reserve driver Charles Pic running a handful of laps on them.

Hembery revealed then that the Italian manufacturer could be ready to switch to 18-inch tyres in 2016, but has now come out and said the company is doing more work on 19-inch tyres, as opposed to 18-inch.

"We are doing a lot of work - probably focusing on 19-inch now, if I am really honest with you," Hembery confirmed. "We are carrying on our work internally on those developments and so from our point of view it goes ahead."

Asked what his preference would be, if the sport does opt for change, Hembery said Pirelli would prefer 19-inch tyres: "18-inch tyres we have got everywhere and 19 is different," he replied.

As for width, he added: "It is too early to say. I think that depends on what package of aero changes they are going to make and what they think they might do with the suspension. We have heard talk of some form of active suspension. I am not sure if that is going to happen or not. But there is a lot of aspects they are talking about which could change what we do with that."


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