Lewis Hamilton says he plans to "come back stronger" following the mid-season break having been allowed to increase his weight.

This year's weight regulations have led to a number of drivers having to work hard to be even lighter than previous years. However, the removal of the front and rear interconnected suspension (FRIC) systems from the cars since the German Grand Prix has saved valuable weight and Hamilton says that will now allow him to bulk up personally over the break ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August.

"After the year we've had so far, which has been so demanding both physically and mentally, this break will be a really good opportunity for everyone to relax, re-energise and come back stronger from both of those perspectives," Hamilton said. "Personally, one of my focuses is to stay fit and I'll definitely be dedicating some time to working out.

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"I'm very, very light at the moment, but the car is a little lighter since the removal of the FRIC system so I can now put on a bit of weight - muscle, of course, not fat! It won't just be all gym and no beach, though. I'm sure I'll do a bit of both.

"I need to recharge my batteries so I won't be going crazy with the exercise, but I feel like a stick at the moment and it'll be nice to bulk up a bit. Next year the weight limit will be going up by ten kilos too, so I'm thinking I can afford to put on a few pounds!"


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the prof didn't say he would have a problem, the way I read it was, that if LH can get a load of points when he starts at the back how far in front COULD he get from the front of the grid ?!! emphasis on the "could" cos I know you can get a bit picky, btw though, congratulations on giving LH some credit on one of your earlier posts