Kevin Magnussen says he is still learning about what it takes to succeed in F1 after 11 races of his debut season for McLaren.

Having been brought in to the team as the first rookie at McLaren since Lewis Hamilton in 2007, Magnussen impressed with a podium on debut in Australia but both he and the team have struggled to recapture that form. Reflecting on his development so far this year and where he feels he needs to improve after the mid-season break, Magnussen says it takes time to get used to racing in F1.

"It's difficult really to pick out one point where I feel like I've improved," Magnussen said. "It's kind of just everything as a Formula One driver, it's quite a different job to being a racing driver in any other thing.

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"So I just feel like I'm learning about the car and the races; they're much longer than what I'm used to and you use more tyres in the races and more pit stops and so on, so everything is more complex and bigger.

"You have to get used to it and I don't think you'll ever stop - if you ask Jenson [Button] I'm sure he's still learning even though he's the most experienced driver - so I think it's going well and I'm looking forward to the last half of the season."

And Magnussen believes he will learn from the start he has had to show progress in the remaining eight grands prix.

"The whole team now has the opportunity to take a break, rest and return feeling stronger than ever. I want to thank everybody for their hard work, spirit and determination throughout these first 11 races - we can come back and achieve better things in the second half of the year."