Rob Smedley says Spa and Monza should suit Williams and has called on the team to 'capitalise' on its opportunities in the next two races.

The Williams car has strong top speed and low drag, which led to it being very competitive in Austria and follow that up with further podiums in Britain and Germany. Head of vehicle performance Smedley says the high-speed circuits at in Belgium and Italy will play to Williams' strengths but says the team has to ensure it makes the most of its expected performance.

"If you look at our results over the last five races, then [Hungary] was a bit anomalous in terms of performance and we have two races where we have to capitalise on the characteristics of the car," Smedley said. "We've got Spa and Monza coming up. We think those circuits will suit us and we have to capitalise on that and put ourselves in a good position again."

After that point, Smedley concedes Williams will have a big decision to make as to how much resource to switch on to the 2015 car.

"It's going to be a little bit of a race-by-race basis, but we have a loose plan and it will be a little bit swayed by how we're doing in the championship."

However, Smedley feels the team can continue improving the way it works this season even once it is focusing car development on next year.

"It's not just when everything goes horribly wrong that I turn round a say we need sharpen up operations. We need to sharpen up operations full stop ... that's based on the journey that we're on with this team. Every time we come out we learn something and we get a little bit better.

"I think the important thing for Williams now is perhaps a slight change of culture. We will now go away and try to understand all the things that we did; see what we did well ... and what we didn't do so well and as a group of people, improve and push forward from there.

"We're always trying to improve operations, we're always trying to improve the performance of the car. We will never, ever stop. Even when we're first and second by a margin we will still be trying to improve operations and performance; that's just the nature of the business and the nature of certainly my competitive spirit."


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Blah blah blah, I do wish all the teams would actually say something , how long have they been doing this job ?? But it's a stock reply Comes from all the teams.
I so want Williams to do well, the car was good from day one, but they have so many people to work on one car, we are half way through the season, also I don't understand why the driver seems to have so little input into tyre stop during the race, they very often say it was the wrong time, or wrong tyre, they should know, they are driving the car.