Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes has not needed to speak to its drivers in the wake of the team orders row in Hungary.

Mercedes asked Hamilton to move over for team-mate Nico Rosberg - who was on a different strategy - but declined to do so and eventually finished ahead of Rosberg. After the race, Mercedes admitted it had made the wrong call during the race, and asked if the rules between himself and Rosberg were now clear, Hamilton replied: "There are no clear rules that have been set.

"The only discussion I had was a day or two after the race, there were some things on my mind, the things that had happened with the car. I really wanted to understand how they happened, what exactly went wrong in those situations and how we're going to rectify them to make sure they don't happen again, to either myself or Nico.

"I asked whether there was anything I could do to help to make sure it doesn't happen again, to avoid anything in the future. The good thing is I have a good relationship with Toto and Paddy so I can call them and speak to them. I don't have to shy away or feel I can't ask them any questions.

"The thing is they are very open, so if they have the answers then they tell you, if they don't then they go and find out. So shortly I'll have an email giving me a full description of what is happening to certain things to improve on. I went into the break after that with the satisfaction, and being really comfortable, that things are cool moving forwards."

And Hamilton said there is "no negativity" within the team, appreciating that strategic calls can be wrong just as drivers can make mistakes.

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"There wasn't (a discussion). I don't know what Nico has said but we haven't all sat down together as yet. I'm not particularly sure it needs to happen. I've come here quite clear on what is to be done and needs to be done, and I feel quite comfortable with how the team has reacted and the decision they have made.

"We don't always individually make the right decision, and the team won't always make the right decision. But the best thing is we learn from our experiences and move forward. There's no tension, there's no negativity. We all move forwards together because we want to win the championship together as a team."