Romain Grosjean says he will only be leaving Lotus at the end of 2014 if it is to move to one of the "big four" F1 teams.

Having finished the 2013 season so strongly, Grosjean has endured a tough time so far this year as Lotus has been well off the pace in part due to the Renault power unit. With his contract up at the end of the year and manager and former Lotus team principal Eric Boullier now at McLaren - which has yet to confirm its drivers - there has been speculation Grosjean may move on.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with, when asked if he would only leave Lotus next year for a seat at one of Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren, Grosjean replied: "Yeah, I think that's what everyone would tell you, but yeah I would love to be in one of those big teams."

And Grosjean also revealed he feels a change of team would be good for his career, but is not sure when that opportunity will arise.

"I think it would [be good to change], yeah it would. It's always good to see change. At school you graduate from one school to another one and you see a change and you learn more because the people are different and so on. So is it going to be next year or not? Is it going to be the one after? I don't know for now but I think it would be nice at one stage to see something else.

"Of course this is a very strong team but it's not one of the four big teams. We don't have the same budget, we don't have the same capacity and number of people. So what you want to do is get in to one of those teams and learn from there."