Kevin Magnussen has dropped from sixth to twelfth in the Belgian Grand Prix results after being assessed a 20-second post race penalty for his conduct in battle with Fernando Alonso.

The rookie, who was embroiled in a late race battle with Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and McLaren team-mate Jenson Button, failed to allow the Spaniard room on the run to Les Combes, forcing the Ferrari driver to take to the grass as he defended his position. Magnussen eventually crossed the line in sixth place, behind Vettel and only just ahead of Button, while Alonso faded to eighth in the final laps.

The penalty, however, pushed Magnussen down six places in the revised results, not only promoting those immediately behind him, but also handing the final point to Force India's Nico Hulkenberg, who had only been 0.3secs behind Daniil Kvyat when the chequered flag fell.

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The punishment also necessarily hits Magnussen and McLaren in the point standings, removing eight points from the Dane's total and six from the team, after Button was promoted to P6. Magnussen also picks up two points on his licence.

Ironically, Alonso also picked up a penalty after his mechanics remained on the grid after the instruction was given to clear, but the double world champion only had to serve a five-second stop-go, which he did at his first pit-stop.