Nico Rosberg has refused to take the blame for his collision with Lewis Hamilton, despite Hamilton claiming Rosberg admitted he hit him on purpose.

Following a team meeting relating to the contact between the drivers on the second lap of the Belgian Grand Prix - which resulted in a puncture for Hamilton who eventually retired - Hamilton claimed Rosberg "said he did it on purpose". However, Rosberg - also speaking after the meeting - said he felt

"I have seen it and I don't want to say what it definitely is," Rosberg said. "The stewards' judged it as a racing incident and that's the way that one can describe it."

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Referencing the meeting that the team had held, Rosberg would not reveal what was said internally.

"We had a discussion, as is important after such circumstances, because obviously what happened cost the team a lot of points. That is the main focus and the biggest issue with such a happening as today. So, yes, we have of course discussed. Unfortunately, I'm not going to go into any details, that wouldn't be the right thing to do. We need to review and discuss how we move forward.

"I don't want to go into such details, such as who apologised to who. Let's not go in to that."

And Rosberg disagreed that he was to blame, saying he took Toto Wolff's comments that the incident was "unacceptable" as damning of both him and Hamilton.

"Unacceptable doesn't put the blame on either of us. From a team point of view it is not acceptable and I fully agree with that. At all times we must avoid such incidents."


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Nico was at fault end of.... but it was an error of judgement NOT a deliberate attack........
Bet he got his ar5e chewed though whether he'll admit it or not

EDIT by CRASH.NET! Stop stirring.

The first person you want to beat is your team-mate.
The first rule of racing is don't narf off your team-mate.

All this talk about it being a 'racing incident' are false. You have to drive more carefully when you are adjacent to your team-mate than when it is a competitor from another team.

As for the team being critical of Nico, well frankly what do you expect? For all he might not want to take the blame, HE ran into the back of Hamilton whether you regard it as a racing incident or not.

Whatever your view on it though, Hamilton is now going to be gunning for Nico. I can see this getting very ugly.

If you look at F1 history in these sorts of incidents, it's usually the car in front that will get a puncture and the car behind takes some front wing damage. Now usually, the car behind will get a penalty for "causing a collision" which did not happen here, for whatever reason. Now if you calculate the penalty, it would be better to have the contact early in the lap, this gives a bigger disadvantage to the car in front which will be more than the penalty.

I believe Nico calculated this and did it on pUrpose. Not the first time this year he has committed some dubious moves. Monaco and Canada come to mind. But as Crash is the Lewis haters site, I fully expect to be shouted down.