Kimi Raikkonen says fourth place in the Belgian Grand Prix is "still not good enough" for Ferrari despite it being his best result of the season.

With Fernando Alonso finishing eighth it is the first time Raikkonen has beaten his team-mate this season, with the 2007 world champion running third for a number of laps before being overtaken by Valtteri Bottas in the closing stages. However, Raikkonen said he didn't feel the team deserved a podium based on pace and doesn't want his own personal upturn in form to cloud the overall deficit to the likes of Mercedes and Williams.

"We had good races before and the feeling has been better in the last few races but we put ourselves in a very bad position in the last qualifying and the last race," Raikkonen said. "Obviously when you start behind you're f****d already at that point so there's not much we can do. [This weekend] the qualifying wasn't ideal but at least we were up there.

"We had no problems in the race and it's probably the first race this year that is a clean race; we didn't have damage on the car or any other issues so we could just do our own race. The speed wasn't too bad but this is still not good enough. I don't think we deserved any better, if we deserved it we would get it but today we missed by a few laps. They were a little bit too fast for us."

Raikkonen said the main positive he took from the weekend was not having any issues and being able to show performance near his full potential.

"The race was clean without any issues like in the past when we've always had something happen. So that was probably the first race this year and obviously it helps so we could do our own race. The result was a bit better but it's still a bit disappointing not to fight further up. We knew that this race and the next race would be difficult for us but hopefully we can do the maximum next race and fight against the others."


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