The relationship between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton was strained even further at Spa-Francorchamps as Hamilton claims Rosberg admitted to intentionally causing contact during the race.

While Rosberg says the clash was a racing incident, Hamilton and team boss Toto Wolff both said the championship leader was trying to "make a point" when the two collided on the second lap of the Belgian Grand Prix.

Ultimately, the end result was a retirement for Hamilton and Rosberg recovering to second place to extend his championship lead to 29 points with seven races remaining. The incident comes four weeks after Hamilton ignored a team order to allow Rosberg to pass in Hungary, while this year's Monaco Grand Prix was another flashpoint between the team-mates.

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So it's time to have your say. Do you think Rosberg was wholly to blame for the collision in Spa? And if so, do you believe the move was a deliberate one? Or should some of the responsibility fall on Hamilton's shoulders too?

Perhaps the biggest question: Where does Mercedes go from here with the championship on the line and Daniel Ricciardo closing in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Whether you are a Hamilton or Rosberg fan, this was a stupid move. If, as Rosberg said he was faster than Hamilton, he could have passed him on the straight using the DRS. I have re-watched the video several times, Hamilton was ahead and on the racing line, which he did not deviate from, Rosberg just tried to force the issue without any thought for the consequences, both he, and Hamilton could have been out of the race.
I have no objection to hard FAIR racing as we saw with Ricciardo and Alonso, but there is no place in Formula 1 for stupidity.

Bravo F1... Come on guys it happens lot of time in racing (F1 and motogp) and it was normal thing driver/rider push hard fighting to each other even with team mate... So wat should be a problem? Whatever happen it's world racing class, just forget it and keep our head down preparing the next race....googluck to all F1 drivers ( Imam Suprantiyo) +62-085642679521

I don't know what all the fuss is about, it seems as if any driver other than Hamilton races hard it's a big issue.

It was a tiny contact and yes maybe Rosberg may have intentionaly ignored team orders not to go into Hamilton I'm sure he would not put his race in to jepordy in anyway at all.

I like the rivalry and let's face it there is not much else happening is there.

The fuss that was made around this incident after the race was way over the top, again all because it was Hamilton.

Let it carry on it's great for us fans.

Also worth adding is this, can you really see Mercedes not winnng both titles this year?

Mercedes management should have kept their comments behind closed doors. I cannot imagine this getting to such ludicrous levels had Brawn still been in charge. Mercedes must be regretting having eased him out now.

absolutely, richard. Where are the outraged posts over the collision between Alonso and Vettel?

Both incidents were exactly what they were - racing incidents.

If the poor deluded Hamilton supporters want to see a deliberate collision, maybe they should watch the Suzuka '90 GP.

Lauda, Wolff, and the Mercedes team executives are to blame here more than anyone else. They have not been managing their drivers at all and are basically pussyfooting around. There needs to be a sterner message sent to both drivers so these situations can be avoided. Instead, they have been sending mixed signals to both drivers --- Oh yeah, it was Nico's fault. Oh, yeah it was Lewis' fault. Oh, but they're free to race.

This would never have happened if Brawn was there to keep the discipline.