Toto Wolff says Mercedes will not make a "knee-jerk reaction" following the fallout between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Rosberg and Hamilton came together at the start of the second lap, with contact at Les Combes leaving Hamilton with a puncture and the other Mercedes with a damaged front wing. After the race, Hamilton claimed a team meeting had seen team-mate admit he allowed the contact to happen on purpose, with Wolff later verifying that Rosberg had "needed to make a point".

However, with tensions high following the race, Wolff said Mercedes would take its time before trying to work out a way to move forward ahead of the Italian Grand Prix.

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"There will be no knee-jerk reaction," Wolff said. "We have to consider what will happen. We are going to sit down with everybody and decide what to do, when everybody is in a cooler, calmer frame of mind."

While Wolff is keen to allow his drivers to race each other, he admits the priority has to be winning both championships otherwise Mercedes will "look like a fool" at the end of the year.

"We're all fans and we owe it to ourselves and everybody out there to let them race ... that philosophy has ended in Mercedes losing many valuable points and we don't want to end up in Abu Dhabi, with a season where we lost the championship, be it constructors' or drivers', because we're too much race fans.

"We've probably not hit the self-destruct button yet but there is a lot at stake, and if you don't manage this properly now it could end up at that point. It's one thing enjoying great races and letting them fight with each other, but if you look like a fool at the end of the season then you haven't won anything."


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Frankly, it's really hard to see practically what Mercedes can do.
If they nominate a Number 1 driver, the other one will simply ignore it.
Neither are going to ask for or give any quarter on the track.
Any semblance of being a 'team' has now gone out of the window.
The 'winner' will now be either the most aggressive, or the luckiest, or both.
Either way, I can't see both remaining with Mercedes for 2015 - it just wouldn't work.

Bit late now to say that - there were enough knees "jerked" yesterday to make Mercedes management eligible for blue windscreen parking stickers!