Nico Rosberg says he has a "very different" view of what happened in the Mercedes team meeting following the Belgian Grand Prix to that of team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton claimed that Rosberg had admitted in the meeting that he deliberately allowed a collision to happen between the two drivers, with Hamilton getting a puncture on the second lap which eventually led to his retirement.

Despite team boss Toto Wolff appearing to agree with Hamilton's version of events that Rosberg had been looking "to make a point", Rosberg said in his video blog that he disagreed with Hamilton's comments but was not willing to give details on his perspective.

"I've been told what Lewis said in the press and the way he has stated his version of the events," Rosberg said. "All I can say is my view of the events are very different, but the thing is it's just better that I don't now give all the details of my opinion and things like that. I hope you respect that. I prefer to just keep it internal."

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Yes I agree it is very annoying to see.

I used to see it with Schumacher and now it's happening with rosberg because he is Hamiltons team mate.

The way the British sky presenters was towards Rosberg after the race was unbelievable, only Eddie Jordan was willing to stick up for Rosberg.

I know that Brundle and others are supporting Hamilton but common guys you would not be talking like that if it had been the other way around.

Niki Lauda also did not make things easy neither making comments like he did after the race, and Toto Wolf was mad for sure but more from a teams point of view which is to be expected.

We as fans want to see wheel to wheel racing not drivers afraid to try these overtakes, I did not see much wrong with it and when your racing wheel to wheel your gonna get the odd contact here & there.

you don't see that kind of thing in motorbike racing and those guys have some bloody crashes and they just get up dust em self off put it down to racing, racing us fans want to