Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci says "kudos to Red Bull" for the way it has taken advantage of Mercedes slip-ups to win three races this season.

With the Mercedes car still looking dominant at all circuits, Red Bull - and Daniel Ricciardo in particular - has taken a trio of victories by capitalising on reliability issues in Canada and Hungary and then a collision between the two Mercedes drivers in Belgium. While Mattiacci says he doesn't focus on the work of any one team in the paddock he says Red Bull has shown how important it is to take your chances.

"I take inspiration from everybody around the paddock, everything," Mattiacci said. "Not only Red Bull, I take inspiration from everybody. So we need to definitely keep working because what Red Bull is proving is that when there is an opportunity they are taking it. So kudos to them and kudos to Ricciardo who is proving to be an important driver..."

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And while Mattiacci admits he expects Monza to be a tough race for Ferrari he says the team has to remain focused on trying to take any opportunities that it can.

"It is clear that Mercedes keeps showing an impressive and consistent performance, in particular with the overall package. So with that we have been facing every race with concern about our lack of competitiveness.

"But at the same time there's always opportunities arising because Formula One racing is still about drivers, human beings, strategy ... so let's try to be extremely disciplined and focused and keep doing what we have been doing. That is to keep very calm, make the right decision knowing that we are a way from the top and take any opportunities.

"That's the approach we have for Monza which is going to be extremely difficult - we are aware - but let's see what we really can do on the other side."