McLaren racing director Eric Boullier admits the uncertainty over the team's future driver line-up is "uncomfortable" for Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen.

With neither driver confirmed for 2015, Button commented in Belgium that it was an "unusual" situation at McLaren. When those quotes were put to Boullier during a McLaren phone-in on Tuesday, he conceded that it was not nice for the drivers to still be waiting but said it was necessary for the team to make the right decision for future seasons.

"I can't speak on his behalf but I guess it's unusual because coming out of August and not having a firm commitment from the team - I think this is what he means by it," Boullier said. "We are working on the strategy for the driver line-up for the next years. For me it's important to say years because we are looking for three years and maybe five years.

"It's true with Ron being back since January and me being new in to the team we have asked for a little bit more time than necessary but we can afford this time, even if it is uncomfortable for the drivers, which I understand. We have to put our priorities [first]."

And Boullier also praised both drivers, saying they have exceeded expectations in terms of their performances during what has been a tough season so far.

"They have performed better than we could have expected. First of all we didn't give them a good enough car and of course and as you know the worse the car is the more difficult it is to drive. So I think we are now trying to bring performance as fast as we can.

"In terms of driving I think both drivers did a very good job. Kevin had a podium in the first race and obviously went through a few experiences which are part of the learning process. In the case of Jenson he is super professional and he delivered everything we could out of the car I think."


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Button needs to make his own arrangements now, if not already done. There's no reason to think next year's car will be any better than this year's.

Personally, I would like to see him replace Massa at Williams - apart from the symmetry of ending his F1 career where he started, I feel he can still offer them his experience and speed to complement Bottas.

Massa's performances this year have, sadly, been disappointing, some through no fault of his own admittedly. But nevertheless his time is, I feel, up.