Eric Boullier was impressed with the way Kevin Magnussen handled himself racing against multiple world champions in the Belgian Grand Prix.

Magnussen was embroiled in a close fight for fifth place with Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and team-mate Jenson Button in the closing laps of the race at Spa, with Vettel coming out on top but Magnussen originally finishing sixth. However, having offered up some robust defensive moves - even against Button - Magnussen was penalised for forcing Alonso off-track on the Kemmel Straight and dropped out of the points.

While Boullier didn't enjoy seeing his drivers go wheel-to-wheel he was happy with the way Magnussen conducted himself in a close battle with three drivers who have seven titles between them.

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"When you see your drivers fighting and touching each other it's not very comfortable, but it's obviously part of the race," Boullier said. "I don't think he went too far, I think he saw the possibility to score a few points and he had a car to fight - brake late, drive the car like he wants - and I think he just wanted to score as many points as possible.

"I don't think he went too far. For me it's part of racing. It's true that he got penalised for his move on Fernando which was not a deliberate move; he told me he didn't see him at all until it was too late. But anyway, he was penalised, it's part of racing, there is no complaints about that.

"I think it was just a good race for him. As a kid of 21 years old fighting against Vettel and Alonso and Jenson is obviously a big challenge because these guys have a lot of experience. So he's maybe not as clean as these guys are used to right now."