Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci wants to see the engine freeze regulations lifted in order to maintain "the DNA of Formula One".

The new engine regulations also included restrictions which mean changes to the engines can only be made after a pre-season deadline on the grounds of safety and reliability. While engine manufacturers will be able to make further changes in the winter ahead of the 2015 season, Mattiacci says the current rules don't help F1 progress.

"We keep discussing about how to improve - if it's needed - every area of the Formula One product," Mattiacci said. "[In Spa] we had a fantastic race I guess. But there is certain areas where the DNA of Formula One is innovating, catching up with the best one, the fastest one, the smartest one.

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"That is what I will keep - as Ferrari - insisting and one of those areas is the engine freezing."

Asked if he would like to see the engine freeze lifted, Mattiacci replied: "Yes, in a certain way.

"Not as rigid as it is today. I would like to see a couple of opportunities per year to work on the engine."


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Would he have the same sentiments if the roles were reversed and it was Mercedes asking the question because their engine/pu/whatever was below par?