Mercedes' Toto Wolff says contract discussions with Lewis Hamilton have been put on hold until the end of the season.

Hamilton said before the mid-season break that he was keen to sit down and talk about his future at Mercedes after Nico Rosberg signed a new deal, with Wolff confirming that negotiations had started about extending Hamilton's stay beyond his current contract which runs out at the end of 2015.

However, speaking before the incident which saw Hamilton and Rosberg collide in the Belgian Grand Prix and the subsequent fallout, Wolff said both parties had agreed to delay the talks while also not opening discussions with anyone else.

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"We've been talking to each other every day," Wolff said. "But at this stage things are very intense and you have to stay concentrated on the season. But one thing is for sure, we are not going to talk to anybody else before having a very clear situation about how we can continue to work with Lewis.

"This is what we have said to each other, that we have no interest in having any other conversation with any other driver. We are not having any, and Lewis is not having any discussion with any other team, so this is why we trust each other.

"We feel at the moment we need to be concentrated on the championship and not get involved in contractual discussions, intense discussions, because it is something which is one and a half years away from of us."


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It really seems hard to imagine that Hamilton & Rosberg can function as team-mates going forwards and surely a German team will give Rosberg preference going forwards, especially if he wins the championship?
Why not McLaren as an option for Hamilton? It might not happen in 2015 as Hamilton is still contracted to Mercedes but a pre-agreement for 2016 onwards, keep Button for a further year until that happens, and McLaren have a year to get the car / new motor in shape and competitive before Hamilton returns. Makes perfect sense to me.

Gilles: @Richard, it is impossible to compare drivers from different eras. To question that Lewis hasn't driven saloons is just silly. How many other F1 drivers have driven saloons, I'll tell you, none of them unless they did on their way to F1. Clark was a fantastic driver but he did always have the best car. Was he better than Lewis, probably, was he better than Schumacher or Lauda or Prost or Senna? Who knows......[\blockquote]

Correction - Clark did NOT always have the best car - witness the Lotus 30 & 40 (a 30 with 10 more mistakes) - he was about the only driver who could get any performance out of those. The 43, with the H-16 engine was not particularly good - but he managed the only win for both the car and that lump of an engine. Even when he did have the class of the field, he could disappear into the distance like no other - check the '67 Italian GP - probably his finest drive, and he finished only 3rd.

But more importantly was his personality - his manner and bearing.

granted times are different, but he had more professionalism and integrity in his little fingers than the likes of Hamilton will ever have.

A certain J.M. Fangio assessed Clark, well after his untimely death, as being the best ever. That is good enough for me.

NB - richard - as well as there being relatively few GP's per season, the danger factor is, sadly, all too relevant to him.