Nico Rosberg has apologised to Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and F1 fans for the collision between the two team-mates in the Belgian Grand Prix.

Mercedes announced that Rosberg had taken responsibility for the incident during a meeting with Toto Wolff, Paddy Lowe and Hamilton at the team's headquarters on Friday. Having been disciplined as a result, Rosberg has taken to his Facebook page and described the collision as "an error of judgement" and issue an apology.

"In the days since the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what happened during the race and discussing it with the team," Rosberg said. "I have already expressed my regret about the incident but, after meeting with Toto, Paddy and Lewis today, I wish to go a step further and describe it as an error of judgement on my part.

"The number one rule for us as team-mates is that we must not collide but that is exactly what happened. For that error of judgement, I apologise to Lewis and the team. I also want to say sorry to the fans who were deprived of our battle for the lead in Belgium.

"Lewis and I have been given clear instructions about how we race each other. As drivers, we have a clear responsibility to the team, the fans of the sport, our partners and Mercedes-Benz to deliver clean racing. We take that responsibility very seriously.

"I look forward to concluding the season with hard, fair competition on and off track right up to the final lap of the season in Abu Dhabi."


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richard, I take on board what you say, we're both agreed it was a racing incident, I say that Nico should have backed off because he was to the outside of LH and couldn't make the pass, hence the contact, No I don't believe that LH should have left him more room tbh,if he'd been more circumspect that would have lost him the place, as you say they are both racing drivers and going for the WDC NEITHER will make it easy for the other, I totally accept that BUT Nico wasn't alongside was he, thats the point surely, as regards the 2nd apology, in your earlier comment you actually said that Nico hadn't apologised, he said it was a error of judgement which could have meant anything !! boot on the other foot I would have the same view, we all have our own views on incidents, accidents etc and many fans are blinkered towards their favorites, I'd like to think I'm not one of them, I'm off on holiday now so I'll catch up with you in a fortnight tata

would you be adopting the same comments if it had been reversed .... I reckon not .... but my understanding has always been that the driver in front has the line unless the other car is alongside the front wheel.... end of story, and another point, the car to the outside is ALWAYS at the mercy of the other car, how many times have we heard that from ex-driver commentators.... it's very easy for Nico to 'apologise/error of judgement' call it what you will but the fact of the matter is he walked away with 18 points more in his bin from a racing incident.... before you start beating your chest I've said many times before that I'm a fan of LH AND Nico and I also believe it was a racing incident rather than a mugging but I think that Nico should have backed out of it, I'm not a fanboy I just try to remain impartial and I can hand on heart say that my view would be the same if roles had been reversed .....