Adrian Newey says he will continue to work on the 2015 Red Bull before turning his attention to his new roles away from F1.

It was announced in June that Newey would be taking on a new role working on Red Bull Technology projects and only working as an advisor on future F1 cars. With that role set to start later in the year, Newey has confirmed that he will still work full-time on next year's design.

Asked if he had been involved in the early development of the 2015 car, Newey replied: "Very much so.

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"At the moment I'm still full time at Red Bull Racing and will be certainly over the coming months as we finalise the general layout of the car, so it won't be until Christmas that I start to really get into new roles let's say. So at the moment it's full concentrated."

And Newey explained that a major part of the new car design was being focused on what can be achieved with Renault as it looks to upgrade the power unit for next season.

"Well in our case, obviously we have an engine partner in Renault and therefore the division is very clear. We make requests in terms of what we'd like from the engine architecture point of view and how that would best install in the chassis. Renault are able to accommodate some of those requests - some of them. Others they say no they can't do that in the time available or they don't believe it's the right thing to do anyway."