Romain Grosjean says he is waiting on Fernando Alonso's future to be clarified before he will be able to sort his own for 2015.

Alonso is contracted to Ferrari but is being chased by McLaren to lead its team when Honda returns as its engine supplier from next season. Grosjean's future is uncertain following a disappointing season with Lotus so far - telling that he will only leave for a move to one of the "big four" teams - and he says Alonso is the key player in this year's driver market that he must wait on.

"You have to wait for Ferrari and probably Alonso," Grosjean said. "From them the market will move. I'm sure you are all as aware as me - if not more so - and so far nothing has moved much.

"You can always speculate, but from what I know everyone has a contract in the other big teams and Alonso is kind of the key of the market."

Asked if he had spoken to Ferrari over a potential move if Alonso was to leave the team, Grosjean confirmed his management has.

"There is always talks and that's why we have managers. Yes, there have been a few talks but so far we just have to wait."

With his management team - Gravity - and Lotus both being part of the Genii Group, Grosjean says he doesn't see a conflict of interests hampering his chances of a move.

"I think it's pretty clear that I have options to go somewhere else if I want... I think the strength of Genii is to have a few companies but they don't link the interests between their two companies. Yes I am Gravity and I am Lotus and they're both in the same part of the same big company but at the end of the day I think they would still be happy to see me as a world champion and it's good for the Gravity image."