Felipe Massa says he doesn't understand why the FIA didn't punish Nico Rosberg for the collision with Lewis Hamilton at Spa.

Hamilton got a puncture when Rosberg clipped his left rear wheel on the second lap of the race, leaving him at the back of the field before he eventually retired. Rosberg, however, recovered to second place to gain 18 points in the championship standings and Massa said the impact of the collision warranted a penalty from the stewards.

"Honestly what I saw in the last race maybe wasn't really so correct from Nico," Massa said. "So I don't understand why they didn't give a penalty to him, because it was impossible to pass Lewis at that place. In the first corner he tried to be on the outside, which was OK, but then Lewis was in front so it was impossible to pass him.

"He needs to brake, but he didn't brake so they just touched wheels and Nico was behind so Nico destroyed Lewis' race. So I don't understand why the FIA didn't give a penalty to him."

And Massa said it shouldn't be down to the team to take action as Mercedes needs to allow both its drivers to battle for the title.

"If you are the team and you have both drivers fighting for the championship then it's fantastic for the team. And they are not fighting with another team so they're going to be champions anyway, so they need to allow them to fight.

"But for me maybe Nico is supposed to have a penalty for what he did. He just destroyed the race for another guy that is fighting for the championship also with him, so that's my opinion."

Following Spa, Massa says he expects Rosberg to go on to win the championship having opened up such a gap in the standings.

"Nico [is the favourite] now, he has more points so it's easier for him. So I would put my money on him now."


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