Fernando Alonso believes Mercedes team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will "move forward" from what happened in Belgium.

He has also reminded them that they have "a good problem" and are in a "privileged position" to be able to fight for the 2014 Formula 1 Drivers' title.

Alonso and Hamilton were involved in their own internal scrap back in 2007 at McLaren, although in the end neither of them took the crown, as Kimi Raikkonen edged them both by a single point after winning the season finale in Brazil.

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"In 2007 the thing didn't work as we wanted, but as I said many times, it was never a problem with Lewis," Alonso stated on Thursday ahead of this weekend's Italian Grand Prix.

"We had a very professional relationship. There were some very competitive people inside the team and that was quite normal. It didn't work because I wasn't happy with some of the team philosophies and some of the team management at that point.

"I then had more possibilities to go in different teams the year after and we decided to move forward from there.

"But I never had a problem with Lewis and it is not a surprise today that we still have a good relationship."

"I am sure these guys will move forward [as well after their collision on the second lap in Belgium]," he added. "They have a clear target, which is winning the world championship, both of them.

"They are in a privileged position to fight for that goal and from the outside we will try and enjoy to the maximum this beautiful battle. The sport is made about these kinds of things. They have a good problem - [to] fight for the world championship."

Meanwhile, as for his own race this weekend, Alonso admitted it was extra important for Ferrari to do well on home turf.

"Definitely, this is one of the most important races in the year for us in front of the tifosi and we would like to give them some good results on Sunday," he continued.

"I have been extremely lucky to be on the podium the last four years and hopefully I can repeat that good feeling. It is going to be difficult. On paper it is one of the most difficult races of the year for us.

"But we saw some signs of being a bit more competitive in Hungary and we were nearly on the podium at Spa with Kimi [my team-mate].

"Hopefully we can have that opportunity [here too] and as I said, being on the podium at Monza, it is something very special."