Felipe Massa says the lap times in FP2 for the Italian Grand Prix mask how far ahead of the field Mercedes really is.

Nico Rosberg topped a tight second session from team-mate Lewis Hamilton, with Ferrari close behind and the first 11 cars within 0.9s. However, when asked who he felt would be the biggest rivals to Williams this weekend, Massa said Mercedes has a much bigger advantage than the times would suggest.

"I would say maybe Red Bull, Ferrari and maybe McLaren, because Mercedes is definitely easily in front," Massa said.

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Focusing on Williams' Friday, Massa said there had been solid progress for Williams but he is expecting more on Saturday,

"We still need to work a little bit to improve a few details for tomorrow but I think it was a positive day. I was happy with the car and tomorrow I think we can still be competitive. I hope we can be more competitive tomorrow than today so I don't think it was a bad day for us."

And Massa called on Williams to make the most of its qualifying session after wet weather hampered the team and compromised his race in Belgium.

"We need to see the weather - the weather was completely different in Spa - so with normal weather I think we have a good possibility to do qualifying much better than how we did in Spa. So let's wait and see how the car is first of all tomorrow and what opportunities we get in qualifying."