Daniil Kvyat is set to be the first driver to be penalised for exceeding the limit on engines this season at the Italian Grand Prix.

An FIA technical delegate's report states that Kvyat has taken his sixth new internal combustion engine (ICE) of the season, with drivers limited to five new power unit elements for 2014.

The change will lead to an automatic ten-place grid penalty at Monza. If Kvyat's qualifying position does not allow him to drop the full ten places, then any remaining positions will be carried over as a penalty at the Singapore Grand Prix.

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FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer's report stated:

"The internal combustion engine used by [Daniil Kvyat] is the sixth new internal combustion engine for the 2014 Championship season and as this is not in conformity with Article 28.4a of the 2014 Formula One Sporting Regulations, I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration."

Kvyat was one of four drivers coming in to the Italian Grand Prix weekend having used five ICEs, with Sebastian Vettel, Pastor Maldonado and Jules Bianchi the others.