Sergio Perez has described the lap that got him in to Q3 during qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix as "amazing".

While team-mate Nico Hulkenberg struggled and dropped out in Q2 at Monza, Perez managed to get inside the top ten and was one of the cars to ensure Kimi Raikkonen also missed out. Reflecting on his performance, Perez said he had "hit the sweet spot" with his lap in the second part of qualifying and could not match it after that.

"My lap in Q2 was amazing," Perez said. "I really had a great lap, I hit the sweet spot and it was very difficult then in Q3 to repeat it. I lost some reference having only one set [of tyres] in Q3 and considering that we didn't run in Q3 I think it's a very good effort from the team to get everything in place and I'm happy with the performance that I did today."

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And Perez felt part of the problem which prevented him replicating his lap was down to the harder Pirelli tyre compounds.

"These tyres are ridiculous that Pirelli brought here. If you see the hard, how many laps it takes; you are on lap 10 and you are improving. So I think that was quite a bit difficult for all the teams but it doesn't help when you don't have the downforce. At such a low downforce place it doesn't help but the tyre compounds we know is very stupid."